Project Ymer YM2149
Project Ymer is a chip tracker and YM file player, programmed by Peter Jørgensen (Denmark), 1999-2012.
Project Ymer started as an YM2149 Sound chip Emulator, it was meant for a Atari St emulator, the reason for the simple YM file format support was to hear how it sounded, if it sounded like an Atari ST. at some point i stop the Atari project, and later i stopped with the programmed, in 2011 after 11 years stop, I began to programing again, and think that I want to correct a few errors in programmmet, so it would run on a Windows 7 platform, after i had correct a lot of errors, i thought i would add a tracker to the program.so this is the result of it, there are still a lot of functions missing, and also some errors, but right now the program is on hold.
But it maybe, I continue with the program in another time.
The first part of the program,the Ym file player.
The ym file format was created by Arnaud Carré.
it work by sample the value of the register and data port and a interval e.g. 50hz.
YM6 format is more complex it  can contain sampel datas, and SID sound.
my player does not support YM sample and Sid sound, it was never meant to play those kind of files 
YM player examples.
the first 2 are form the old ym-player
the two other are from the 2011-2012 player.

The Music is from the game Atomino.
Music by Volker Strubing.
The Music is from the game Warhawk. by Rob Hubbard.
The Music is from the game Goldrunner
by Rob Hubbard
The Music is from the game T.n.T.
by Unknown
New Function in Beta 12.01.
Project Tracker
Project Ymer Genral Info.
The second part of the program,the Ym2149 Tracker fetures.
Ym player examples
Tracker examples.
Tracker Examples.
Music by Thomas Canell

Music by Peter Andersen & Peter Jørgensen

Dr Fizz.
Music by Peter Jørgensen

Forward Now.
Music by Thomas Canell

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Project Ymer
Ym2149 V14.00 Beta.rar Program files and Music samples