Master Player

Master Player was made in dos form 1994 to 1998, the last version that survives was from 1997, so it has some error that was remove in later versions, but i am missing four files to compiled the player, so they will never be remove again.  

Master Player could run in 2 diffident modes.

Opl2 (Adlib) mode 2 operators 9 voices polyphonic
Opl3 (SB Pro 2)  2 operators 18 voices polyphonic.
I only have 9 channels, in my editor, so in Opl3 mode, you could have 2 sound in each channel.

Klat Mix
was made in one of my old Atari St Player.
the music are made by a Peter Andersen and Me.

Panorama Disco.
was made on the Amiga by a Peter Andersen and Thomas Canell and converted by Me.

Download Sections

Master Player
Instrument Tutorial

Simple instrument tutorial.
This video show how to make a simple Instrument in the Instrument editor
Simple drums tutorial.
This video show how to make some  simple drums in the Instrument editor
Opl2 / Opl3 Editor
Dosbox 0.74
If you don't have a copmuter running dos, with a Opl3 Sound Card, then you need Dos-Box
Dosbox Website
Link to Dos-Box Website